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November 27, 2016  

Dr Lauren Muhlheim on Exercise In Eating Disorders

Tabitha Farrar talks to Dr. Lauren Muhlheim on the subject of compulsive exercise in eating disorders such as Anorexia. We discuss:

  • Why exercise in eating disorders is a problem
  • The dangers of exercising when you are underweight
  • How to know if exercise is part of the eating disorder rather than a healthy pastime
  • The problem of recognizing exercise as an eating disorder symptom
  • Experiments in starvation in rats
  • Exercise and excessive movements in children with eating disorders
  • What lab experiments and observation in children can teach us about exercise as a symptom of an eating disorder

Article in Verywell on exercise written by Dr. Muhlheim

Dr. Lauren Muhlheim

Dr. Lauren Mulhleim is a clinical psychologist at Eating Disorder Therapy LA who specializes in providing evidence-based cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for a variety of problems experienced by adults including eating disorders. Dr. Muhlheim regularly volunteers her time for several organizations including the Academy for Eating Disorders, the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, and Best Friends LA. She is my go-to professional and a highly valued member of the eating disorder advocacy community.

In short: Dr. Muhlheim gets eating disorders. Check out her website for more information and resources and follow her on twitter @drmuhlheim

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November 24, 2016  

How to Eat Your Way Out of the Binge/Purge Cycle In Anorexia Recovery

In this podcast I talk about the Binge/Purge Cycle In Anorexia Recovery that many of us experience. Some people find it very difficult to break this cycle once it is an established behavior. This podcast includes some practical advice on how to overcome and move through into full recovery.

In this podcast, Tabitha talks about:

  • Her own experience in binge eating and purging behavior
  • The destructiveness of the binge/purge cycle
  • How to overcome the binge/purge cycle
  • Why binge eating is common in eating disorder recovery
  • The importance of not restricting food or purging via exercise
  • Why we don’t negotiate with eating disorders

Full blog post on the binge/purge cycle in eating disorder recovery here. 

Information on Tabitha Farrar can be found here

Contact Tabitha Farrar

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November 20, 2016  

The Crucial Difference Between Treating the Eating Disorder and Treating the Trigger

In this podcast I explain the crucial difference between treating the trigger vs treating the eating disorder. For any person in recovery from an eating disorder or any person who is helping a sufferer recover this is a concept that you will really have to grasp in order to decide on the most effective form of treatment.

  • Triggers are separate from the eating disorder and should be treated separately
  • Weight restoration should be the priority in people who are underweight
  • Treating triggers is important but not as important as weight restoration
  • Once weight restored trigger issues are easier to treat due to the patients increased physical and mental resources.

If you are an adult in recovery or a parent/partner of an adult in recovery please remember that I have a peer support Slack group for you to join if you are looking for more support. You can find out more here.

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November 13, 2016  

How to Survive Thanksgiving with an Eating Disorder

In this podcast Tabitha Farrar talks about how people with eating disorders who are in active recovery can not only survive Thanksgiving but come out feeling stronger and more in control than they were before.

Thanksgiving, family meals, Christmas and other such celebrations are hard work for a person with an eating disorder.

  • How to prepare for the day without letting the eating disorder ruin it before it starts
  • How to manage eating disorder thoughts leading up to Thanksgiving
  • How to stick to your guns with your recovery plan the morning of Thanksgiving
  • How to not only get through the meal, but even enjoy it.
  • How to deal with the eating disorder guilt thoughts post Thanksgiving dinner.

This podcast contains actionable tips on how to manage an eating disorder over a holiday meal.

If you are interested in either the Slack group for adults in active recovery from an eating disorder, or the group for adults helping adults in active recovery, please contact Tabitha.

November 6, 2016  

Dangers of Restricting Carbohydrates and Other Food Groups in Eating Disorders with Caitlin Croteau

Learn the dangers associated with restricting carbohydrates and other food groups for everyone but especially people in recovery from an eating disorder.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • The importance of carbohydrates as brain fuel
  • The importance of carbohydrates as mood boosters
  • Combating the thin ideal
  • The influence of society and the normalisation of disordered eating.
  • Why restricting can lead to binging
  • Recovered sufferers in the field of eating disorder therapy
  • The problems with lack of regulation

About Caitlin

Caitlin Croteau is an expert in helping her clients find body fRestricting Carbohydratesreedom. She comes with a decade of experience working in the fitness industry, nutrition field, and in health coaching. She is the founder of Finding Body Freedom, an online holistic wellness practice that provides health and nutrition coaching, intuitive eating and lifestyle programs, and retreats. She has her B.S in Health Science: Nutrition, is an RD, CPT, and RYT-200 Hour. Cait is currently attending Plymouth State University for her Master’s in Health Education and Eating Disorders. Her goal is to rid the world of dieting, help her clients quit the dieting mentality and welcome in freedom to live guilt free, and to decrease the prevalence of eating disorders worldwide.


This episode was based on the Huffington Post Article by Jennifer Rolin on reasons that you do not need to restrict carbohydrates. Read it here.

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