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November 30, 2017  

Fundamentalist Religion and Eating Disorders

In this podcast Tabitha Farrar talks to Wendy Marsman (from Woman Beyond Belief) about her experience with fundentmentalist religion and the diet culture that can exiest within some church communities. 

I want to make it clear that the aim of this dicussion is not to judge religion. Rather, we are looking into how religious intent and trying to do the "right" thing by the word of God can become troublesome when eating disorders are involved. 

We get into some sticky stuff in this discussion. It is not entirely comfortable to highlight the problems with religion and the opression of women. But it is important. 


Wendy Marsman was raised in a strict religious home. Also, being from a fundamental religious background, she was influenced by the Biblical interpretations that women had to submit to men. A “good Christian wife” needed to be thin to please her husband. So, after she got married and had 3 children, Wendy continued to go on yo-yo diets. There were many opportunities to be part of diet groups in the church which she participated in, always aiming to be better, aiming to not be guilty of the “sin of gluttony”.
Wendy has her own podcast called Women Beyond Belief Podcast where she mainly interviews women who have left religions and cults. Many women who have grown up in a religious background have been accustomed to suppression and inequality. She hopes to provide a platform for these women to have a voice.
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