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April 23, 2017  

Family Based Treatment for Adults and Problems of Fat Phobia in Eating Disorder Treatment

April 23, 2017

In this podcast Tabitha Farrar talks to Rachel Millner — psychotherapist about:

  • How to manage recovery in a society where there is a large amount of body discontent.
  • How to apply Family Based Treatment to adults in recovery from eating disorders.
  • The pros and cons of people in recovery helping other people with eating disorders.
  • How to keep the family dynamic “cool” when there is an eating disorder in the house.
  • Fat phobia within the eating disorder community.
  • The importance of a food-first approach to eating disorder recovery.
  • Recovery IS POSSIBLE and there is always hope

Dr. Millner is a licensed psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania. She graduated from the California School of Professional Psychology (now Alliant International University) in San Diego and completed an APA (American Psychological Association) approved internship at the University of Buffalo.

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