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February 20, 2017  

Author Christina Fisanick on Binge Eating Disorder Recovery

February 20, 2017

Tabitha talks to Christina Fisanick about her experience with Binge Eating Disorder.

In this podcast we talk about:

  • Being honest in recovery
  • Understanding that anybody can relapse
  • The Anorexia recovery binges are not Binge Eating Disorder. More on this here:
  • Important of using support in Binge Eating Disorder Recovery
  • The assumptions that are made about Binge Eating Disorder
  • Mindfulness and Binge Eating Disorder Recovery.
  • Recovery from Binge Eating Disorder not being weight loss orientated.
  • Being healthy in your own size.

Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D. is professor of English at California University of Pennsylvania and the author of more than 35 books. Her memoir, The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder, explores her more than 30 year battle with an eating disorder and other personal challenges. Her most recent writing has appeared on the National Eating Disorder Association’s website and on her blog, Optimistic Food Addict. She is the founder of Food Addiction Recovery, a Facebook-based support group which has nearly 9,000 members.

The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder



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