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February 5, 2017  

Former NFL Player Patrick Devenny Talks About His Experience With Bulimia

February 5, 2017

In this podcast, Tabitha talks with former NFL player Patrick Devenny about being a man with Bulimia. We talk about the mental and physical complications that his illness brought and how these affected his life. We also talk about the role of exercise and how Patrick’s compulsion to exercise was a large part of the problem. Patrick is now on a recovery path, and while he says that there is still a way to go, he knows that the treatment that he has received from the eating disorder specialists that he has worked with has been invaluable to his recovery.

It takes incredible strength to recover from an eating disorder. It takes even more self acceptance to talk about it openly in a world where many people believe that eating disorders are a phase that teenage girls go through. Patrick is doing a fantastic service by talking about his experience with bulimia. It shows incredible strength and courage and I hope that he will lead the way so that more men can get treatment.

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