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May 8, 2017  

Julie Duffy Dillon on Fat Positive Attitudes to Nutritional Advice

May 8, 2017

Tabitha talks to registered dietician Julie Duffy Dillon about:

  • Why a fat positive approach is needed
  • Eating disorder prevention
  • Food is not on a dichotomy of good and bad
  • Education and research on fat positive approaches
  • The problem with people with eating disorders becoming nutritional advisors
  • The canary in the coal mine
  • The problem with nutritional science
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and eating disorder
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Julie Duffy Dillon is a Registered Dietitian, Eating Disorder Specialist, and Food Behavior Expert partnering with people on their Food Peace journey. She is trained as a mental health counselor and supervises dietitians and other health professionals to help using weight inclusive and attuned eating strategies. She owns central North Carolina’s group nutrition private practice and premier source of eating disorder treatment and prevention, BirdHouse Nutrition Therapy. Julie also produces and hosts the weekly podcast, Love Food. Learn more at

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