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December 14, 2017  

The State of Science: Sugar Addiction

December 14, 2017

In this podcast Tabitha Farar talks to Maggie Westwater, one of the authors behind a study looking into misconceptions behind the notion of sugar addiction. 

We talk about:

- Animal studies into addiction and what they can tell us about human behaviour. 

- What studies into drug and other types of addiction can tell us about "sugar addiction."

- How restriction, not addiction, looks to be the driver behind binge eating behaviours. 

- Artificial sweetners and how they affect the way we desire foods. 

- Binge eating development and the role of restriction. 

- Why "food addiction" can be a problematic use of language. 


Paper we discussin in this podcast: Westwater, M.L., Fletcher, P.C. & Ziauddeen, H. Eur J Nutr (2016) 55(Suppl 2): 55.


Links to the study that Maggie Westwater spoke about: 

Twitter handle (@STRIvE_Study)


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