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March 10, 2017  

What do Registered Dietitians Actually Do in Eating Disorder Recovery?

March 10, 2017

In this podcast I talk to Therese Waterhous on what registered dietician can actually do for a person with an eating disorder.

  • Dietitians as case managers for eating disorders
  • Eating, shopping and other food and eating related behaviors.
  • Working with families when youngsters are involved
  • Family dynamics and the devision of responsibility
  • Meal plans and accessing nutritional need.
  • When the dietitian is the only person with eating disorder training on the team
  • Taking pulse or blood pressure so that they can refer information to a doctor
  • Diagnostic criteria and hospitalization criteria
  • Training families and support people in helping in eating disorder recovery
  • Extreme hunger in Anorexia recovery and how to approach it.